How to Play

Each time you log in, go to the ‘Eat!’ page by clicking on the button in the center of the page. Select foods from the drop down menus on the right and add them to the meal boxes on the left by dragging the picture of the food or clicking the ‘Add’ button. Try to balance your diet and meet all of the daily total requirements. When you are finished balancing your diet, click on the blue ‘Eat’ button located next to your daily totals.

You will receive energy and wellness based on the quality of your diet. After you fill up on food, you will not be able to eat again for a set amount of time or until you level up. Use your energy by going to the Missions page and completing Missions. Missions will reward you with experience and money. Each time you gain enough experience you will gain a level and be given one stat point to put into the stat of your choice. Use your money to buy a superhero costume by going to the Shop page. Equip these items on the Status page.

Eat healthy and complete Missions to level up and progress through the game!